Saturday, August 1, 2009

Irksome Things

Warning: If your sick of reading about my epidermal issues, skip part I.

I would just like for all the bacteria/viruses/other agents that have been playing around in my skin to leave me the hell alone. No more dry, red skin, no more blisters, no more rashes, no more bug bites. OK?

Pip is driving me crazy. Ever since I had her spayed she's got no life and spends her day on my porch, meowing loudly each time I go outside in anticipation of food or pets. And sometimes when I do pet her she gets over-excited and attacks my fingers and/or toes. And...she keeps killing mice and NOT eating them. She just leaves them buried under the leaves to mess around with when my fingers and toes aren't available. I do not wish to have half-decayed rodent corpses in my back yard.

My own cats have been really annoying lately too, fighting at odd hours of the night and puking up hairballs on the dark rug where I can't see them until after I've stepped in them. Rikki seems to get fatter every day, although I haven't changed his food rations. At this point there's no WAY he's going to meet the weight limit to take him back to the U.S. in the cabin.

Today at the beach, I was getting the serious stare-down from two guys who I'm pretty sure are Albanian (I've become good at telling them apart from the other ethnic groups here since I've started hanging out w/ Yannis...he points out the Albanians to me). No big deal, I just ignored them, but then while I was walking home one of them pulled up next to me on his bicycle. He tried to chat me up, I gave him the old "then katalaveno" which means I don't understand, and when he replied in English I just said, "Bye-bye". He eventually went away. Shortly thereafter, however, the other guy who had been with him at the beach pulled up next to me in a truck and said, "Ela", which basically means "Come on". I shook my head and said "no" in Greek and in English, but he kept following right along side me, forcing me off the road and into the olive field on my right. Fortunately at this point, a farmer who was checking the water situation came along behind us, driving very slowly to see where the water was trickling out of the hoses along side the road. The guy in the truck pulled forward away from me, but continued to drive very slowly until I guess he realized that the guy in the car wasn't going anywhere soon. He then made a U-turn and left. A bit later down the road he drove by again with two other guys in his truck, but fortunately didn't stop. I was trying as best I could to walk in a "don't fuck with me or I'll castrate you" sort of way. Maybe that did it?

Anyway, I guess that's it. Everything else is hunky-dory. Just felt like venting.

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