Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Random Stuff from 25 August (Happy Birthday, Matthew!)

Sister #3, Elf, showed up to feed this morning, which is rare. She's the one that wouldn't allow me to capture her to have her spayed, which sucked because she was obviously pregnant. In this picture she is the furthest away, and she was always the smaller one of the three, but it is interesting to note how much bigger and healthier the two who were subjected to "late term abortions" seem to be. It's also clear that her two healthier litter-mates have claimed my back porch as their territory, as she sat passively by waiting to eat until I came out and moved things around a bit to distract the other two.

Dinner tonight was simple but good...village sausages, green beans, carrots and potatoes, stuck in the oven on high (after briefly blanching the veggies) and coated w/ olive oil, oregano, garlic powder, salt & pepper. Accompanied by a very nice red from Macedonia by Yianni Boutari, their 2004 Paranga, a blend of Xinomavro and Agiortiko.

I have always been an "horizon gazer". Whenever I've looked out at that thin blue line that separates sky from sea or land, it has always instilled in me a sense of adventure, curiousity and excitement. This has led me to travel to some interesting places, to include South Africa, Madagascar, Argentina, Burma, Egypt, and more.

I recently noticed that when I look at the horizon here, I no longer experience that. The question that used to inspire me to ask, "What is OUT there?" has been answered.


Captain Dad said...

So what IS it?!?!? Maybe my 50ft sailboat?

Kyrstyn said...

Oh, sorry, Dad. I was thinking more along the lines of cheap beer and good looking men:-/

Anonymous said...

Some things never change!