Sunday, August 2, 2009

New Beach

I decided to depart from my usual afternoon beach destination for several reasons:

1) I didn't want to risk running into the creepy guys who followed me yesterday.
2) I wanted to re-trace my path to Don Rosario's to make sure I could find it on my own.
3) Yannis isn't here, so I wouldn't see him at Mithimna anyway.

I found my way quite easily back along the roads that Mike had driven the other night, and have to say that I found both experiences gratifying for different reasons. I've seen and taken photographs of some very stunning views from the various road trips I've taken here, and there were some beautiful sea views and valley views on the trip today. However, there was something kind of mysterious and haunting about the trip back with Mike...the moonlight spreading a blanket of white upon the water, the sharp bends in the road beyond which and through the darkness one can see nothing, but knows that there is a steep drop leading to certain disaster if one is not careful.

I tried the beach by the restaurant but there seemed to be no available parking, so I back-tracked and took the "left" arrow beach sign instead. Before hitting the "beach" signs I stopped to take some photos of a few churches that I passed along the way. I do like the fact that I just read the following in my Rough Guide regarding some of the area I passed through, although having been through some more remote terrain on various trips here so far I'm not sure that I agree: "The left fork is signed to Braxos To Kyma (Wave on the Rock), a delightful taverna fronting a pebble beach shaded by tamarisks, which also has three air-conditioned studio rooms. This is about as far off the beaten track as you can get and, as they prize their tranquility here, if you plan to stay it would be a good idea to give them a ring first".

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