Friday, July 31, 2009

Random Stuff

I was supposed to take Yannis to dinner tonight for his birthday, but he just stopped by to tell me he's leaving for Albania tonight because a 13 year old cousin was killed in a car accident. He thinks he'll be back in a week.

I'm beginning to think that my most recent skin condition may have been a staph infection. My aunt who used to be a nurse, and whose pre-teen daughter just spent a hellish time in the hospital due to a skin infection that got into her joints, pointed out this possibility to me. Looking back on it now, the whole rash on my back and legs was preceded by a nasty open sore on the back of my calf that I assumed was an infected bug bite. The rash and accompanying nastiness followed just a few days after. I had begun to treat the area on my calf with anti-biotic cream, and it was pretty much healed by the time the rash occured, but there have been several other similar spots on my legs since then so I think I need to keep a close eye on things.

I had dinner with Mike at Don Rosario's last night, a very nice little Italian restaurant on the bay's eastern peninsula. It was refreshing to be able to order something that isn't typical Greek taverna food. They even had a bottle of one of my favorite wines, Masciarelli Montepulciano d'Abruzzo. Mike thinks he is coming down with the flu. I've been sneezing a bit more than usual over the last several days, so if I come down with it too I won't blame him for giving it to me.

Pip has worms. I got a pill from the vet in Kastelli and chopped it up to put in some wet food, figuring she'd be too difficult to "pill" by shoving it down her throat. Unfortunately she only ate a little bit, and I think she could probably taste the bitterness of the pill. I'll try to give her the rest of it tomorrow morning when she's really hungry, and if she doesn't eat it then I guess I'll get another pill and try force-feeding it to her. The vet said that there's no danger of "overdose".

I'm just feeling rather "blah" right now. Sad for Yannis, dissapointed that I won't see him for a while, and uncharacteristically paranoid about my own health situation. I don't usually over-react to minor illnesses, but reading up on unexpected death from staph infections has me feeling slightly "off". I guess the fact that I'm kind of "all by myself" here is contributing to it. Not that I don't have people that I know I could call...Mike is proving to be a very generous and attentive friend and I feel confident I could ring him up in the middle of the night if I felt I was in serious trouble...but still.

Oh well, enough self-pity. I suppose I should figure out what I'm going to do with my evening now that my dinner plans have been cancelled. I'm thinking one of the DVD's that Mike loaned me and the other bag of popcorn that he brought to me:-)


Anonymous said...

So is Yannis an Albanian or a Vorioipirotis?

Kyrstyn said...

Yannis is Albanian, but thank you for asking the question because now I know what a Vorioipirotis is.