Thursday, July 2, 2009

Busy morning

Pip, the pregnant cat, was unbelievably cooperative this morning. She showed up looking for food as I had hoped she would (she doesn't always) and I was able to easily pick her up by the scruff and put her in the carrier. She meowed a bit on the 1/2 hour ride to the vet in Souda, but nothing much. The vet said that she's due to give birth any day, any minute. He explained that there is a good amount of risk involved in performing the spaying procedure at this stage, but he said he's done it numerous times and never lost one yet. It was a tough decision, but I had him go forward with it because I think it's got to be better than the alternative, which is who knows how many more cats, exponentially. If all goes well, I'll pick her up tomorrow and bring her back and release her. He'll give her a long-term antibiotic by injection, all I'll need to do is put out food and water. Fingers crossed that she does OK. Then next Tuesday, I'll take Huck.

After dropping Pip off, I met Helen (pronounced Eleni) at her apartment in a neighborhood near Chania for my first Greek lesson. She's a really sweet girl, and hopefully patient too...she's going to need it with me! Today we looked at some different verb and noun cases, did some writing/alphabet exercises, and went over some practical vocabulary (I had her write down the various terms for different kinds of meat when at the butcher, so that I don't have to make stupid animal noises like I did with the girl at the supermarket). She gave me some homework, and we'll meet again next week when she's back from Santorini. During the school year she teaches English to grammar school students. She charges 15 euros per hour.

Then to the auto dealership near Kasteli, where Babis, a personal trainer, works. My landlord gave me his name when I told him I was looking for a gym, and Babis was able to give me directions to the gym where he trains. As he was describing a very sharp, right turn I need to make, I realized that it's the same sharp right that I underestimated when I tore up my bumper. I've driven by it on several occasions since the accident, so I know very well exactly where I need to go to get to the gym! The gym is open from 3pm-10pm each day, which isn't optimal because I was hoping to get my workouts in the morning. I don't know that I'll have it in me after my daily 2pm-5pm beach time. But at least I know it's there and is an option. I will probably go this afternoon to talk to the owner to see what the deal is on pricing, etc.

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