Friday, July 3, 2009

In addition to my last post regarding Pip

I have received an email from a friend who was horrified to hear of what I've done, and I understand that. I will restate here what I said to that person, because I think that there are others who probably feel the same way. I hope that it makes sense to those who read it, but regardless, I stand by my actions:

It was a choice between allowing her to go ahead and give birth, to however many kittens she may have had, 1/2 of whom would most likely starve or be killed by other animals in the neighborhood. The other half would have lived, and gone on to have more babies of their own, 1/2 of whom would starve, etc. Or, as is common practice here, one of the Greek residents might have taken the entire litter, put them in a sack, and drown them. I had to choose between what I felt was the lesser of two evils.

The vet who did this is very reputable, and this is now common practice, as ugly as it may be. This was Pip's second litter since March. The other two who come to feed, and whom I'm going to have spayed in the next few weeks, are her kittens. It is an endless cycle, and I did what I thought was best. I realize that you may not agree, and I'm terribly sorry to know how much it upsets you.

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