Sunday, July 26, 2009

Η Κυριακή (Sunday)

I am pretty sure I've got Yannis' permission to post these pictures of him here. It's difficult to know for sure with the language barrier, but I asked him three different ways and he said, "Yeah, yeah, no problem I don't mind" so I'm taking that as a green light.

It was so freaking hot today...supposedly reached 43c, which is 109f. We hit Taverna Babis around 2pm for a beer, then went for a swim there at the beach. The water was dead flat, so different from last week when the waves were knocking the snot out of me (literally) and filling my swimsuit drawers with sand. Afterward we drove around the bend in the peninsula to swim in a less populated area, where the water was cooler and cleaner and reaaaallly nice. There were some slippery rocks to maneuver, but fortunately no sea urchins.

No pictures of me here, because a) I was operating the camera and b) I think Yannis probably makes a better photography subject than I do and c) the three pictures that DO have me in them absolutely sucked so I'm not going to show them:-P

The beach opposite Taverna Babis.

A rocky cove just a bit beyond Nopigia.

Yannis testing the rocks first so that I don't slip and dunk my camera.

Man and rock:-)

Ohhhh, looks so nice and cool.

I'm not far behind!

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