Monday, July 6, 2009

Just Some Images from a Walk This Evening

I went for a walk up into the hills behind my house after dinner this evening, around 7:00pm. Last time I did this, it was in the middle of the day and I took the road to the left when it branched. This time it was in the evening (so much cooler and such beautiful light) and I veered to the right instead. No big adventures. One big dog who was not on his leash did leave his yard to come growl and bark at me up close, and I was buzzed by a couple of bees, but I think I've finally learned to just keep walking, don't freak out, and I might just survive. I officially hate dogs and bees now, by the way.

Just a shining sea. The contrast between the sea and the mountains, and the mountains and the sky, don't convey well at all here. But it was really pretty, take my word for it.

The Bay of Kissamos. The beach that I visit almost daily sits down there somewhere.

Not really sure where this road is going to take me, I hope this ends up being a loop hike because I don't want to go back by that dog!

Wish I could have zoomed in on the bird a little more. Have no idea why this text is underlining and can't get it to stop or edit.

I thought that the sunlight on the grass here looked like flames racing along the ground.

There's something about an olive grove in the early morning or late afternoon that makes me think of an enchanted forest.

This colors in this flower bunch looked a lot more intense on my camera than they do here. Same is true for several of the other shots above. Not sure why it didn't translate when I downloaded them.

These last three pictures are of some really common weeds that grow around here. I had no idea they put out such pretty little flowers or I wouldn't have yanked all of mine out of my garden!

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