Sunday, June 21, 2009

Things That Go Bump in the Night

I'm getting used to all the idiosyncracies that go along with the house in which I'm living. The frequent six and eight legged visitors; the gaps and cracks in the windows/doorways which not only allow them in, but permit me to listen to my neighbor's conversation as though they were in the same room (too bad I can understand so very little of what they're saying); having to dry my clothes on the line, which translates into crunchy underwear, and towels that seem better suited for exfoliation than drying off; no television, etc.

But the heart-stopping sound of something crashing inside the house in the middle of the night is really disturbing me. It's happened two or three times now...I'm fast asleep with my cats next to me when we are all three suddenly brought bolt upright by what sounds like an entire kitchen shelf with dishes falling to the floor. Upon investigation (which involves putting on my glasses and turning on every light in the house) I can find absolutely no evidence of what has caused this sound. Everything is in its place. I slowly turn off the lights and return to bed, slightly shaken. It takes only a few minutes before we're all asleep again, left in peace until just before dawn when the roosters start up.

I don't know if either of my houseguests have heard this sound. I know it occurred once when Merit was staying here, but I'm pretty sure the earplugs she was wearing allowed her to sleep through it (although I don't really know how...this sound is not only extremely loud, it's also drawn out to about 5 seconds).

Last night as I lay there afterwards, looking out of my bedroom window with the silhouette of the leaves on the trees set against the light of the street lamp, I wondered if maybe the place is haunted. Then I thought that perhaps it's just cats fighting on the roof, which is soooo much more likely than the former suggestion, isn't it? After all, who ever heard of a haunted Greek villa?

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