Sunday, June 21, 2009

Just a Walk About

I had every intention of getting up early this morning to go for a nice, long walk in the surrounding area while the air was still cool, but ended up sleeping in until 8:30am, dinking around on the internet while enjoying my coffee and then doing a Greek lesson, so it was 11:00am before I finally headed out. I was slick with sweat and sunscreen before very long, and the buzzy creatures were out in force, but it was still a very enjoyable exploration. I had a strange moment near the end, when I was headed back towards my village and I didn't realize that I was just around the corner from my house. All these little villages still look the same to me, and I had passed through two or three on my hike and was totally unaware upon my return that I was back in mine. It was the Lito Mini-Market around the corner from my place that made me realize I was home...otherwise I may have walked right on through and past my village.

An olive grove with what I assume is some olive picking/transporting machinery.

I guess tacky lawn ornaments know no nationality.

Trying to get some perspective on the steepness of the hill I was climbing, not sure that I succeeded with the picture. My guess is about 45 degrees.

Another olive grove. One really can't turn around without here without running into one.

Just some plant that I thought looked kind of cool.

One of three churches I came across during my hike. These little churches are almost as prolific as the olive groves, and each of them have signposts with the name of the saint or hermit or whatever historical figure is attached to them. I was neglectful today in noting any of them, and I'm not sure if anyone other than Grandma would be interested, but I'll try to be better in the future about noting such things. There's probably a lot of interesting history there...I'm just not sure yet whether I'm ready to delve into all that.

A stand of Cypress trees. I don't know exactly why, but I love these trees. One of my dreams is to walk through a cypress forest. This wasn't excactly what I had in mind, but I'm in the general vicinity and if I end up going to Turkey as originally planned, I think I'll be able to realize my dream.

I stopped for a short conversation with some local sheep (or are they goats?? I really don't know). They were very vocal, and their politics are a bit strange but hey...they're European, what did I expect?

An old, ruined house. I wonder if anyone would pay me to take a census on whether there are more olive groves, old churches or ruined houses in Crete?

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