Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fingers crossed the run of bad luck is over

The post directly below this one was actually typed yesterday (June 2) but I was unable to post it then because there was an area-wide internet outage just as I was ready to publish it. Fortunately the outage didn't occur before saving the content, so I just had to go in now and publish it.

We're at the internet cafe now, killing time until we meet Adonnis at 3pm to see whether we're going out on the boat. It's pretty windy so we're thinking maybe not.

The good news is that I picked up my laptop from the shop, and they were able to fix it for 50 euros. Phew, I really thought I might have to get a new one.

Hoping to post some pictures tonight from home. More later...


Regan said...


Glad to hear that, with the exception of a few standard Kralovec-clutz moves, everything is going well. Our prediction is that Merit will succumb to the urge to feed the strays "Oh, da poor kitties!" and will end up feeding them. Then you will be overwhelmed with hundreds of cats, who will eventually realize that they could feed off of Ricky for months and will mob him in a horrible display of feline cannibalism. Then your landlord will get mad and will kick you out, and you'll have adventures finding a new place to live while an army of strays follows Merit, desperately hoping that the naive Americans will produce another obese kitty for their consumption. Moral of story: Merit, don't feed the strays. Concentrate on finding a dirty Cretan (pun intended?) in a bar and getting knocked up.


Kyrstyn said...

Just getting around to reading comments; internet connection has been spotty (and health of computer still dubious). Your post was really funny...would you like to be a guest blogger?

PS - This is Merit talking now...I HAVE NOT FED THE DAMNED CATS! Although, I have seen several dirty Greeks that I've considered having father your son's cousin.