Thursday, June 25, 2009

Random Images from the Last Few Days

Yesterday evening I took a walk up the "Old Road" to visit Tsouris, the owner of a wood-carving shop. Betti and I had stopped into his store while she was visiting, and we left with not only a necklace for me and some keychains for her, but a host of tall tales and an invitation to come back again for some coffee some time. Tsouris is quite a character, a barrel chested Cretan with a mass of thick hair on his head and a beard to match. Eccentric and friendly, he spent a great deal of time helping us pick out peices that weren't "ugly" to use his word, but "strange" was OK. He then proceeded to make an elaborate ordeal out of making us creative "handbags" in which to carry home our purchases.

He seemed surprised to see me when I stopped in yesterday, but quickly ordered a greek coffee for me from the taverna across the street, and then gave me a shot of some Raki with honey to accompany it. I have to say that the honey does a fair job of taking the edge off the Raki.

He enlightened me with some more stories about past customers, showed me some pictures of his house, and informed me that just that day he had become married to a Siberian woman name Helene (so far every single woman I've met or heard of here as been named Helene, pronounced "Elanie". ) He also told me that he thought that the loud crashing sound I had heard in my house in the middle of the night was a pirate coming to find treasure. There was an odd moment when he was talking to me, and I was having trouble hearing what he was saying because of the music coming from the CD player behind me, and although I never gave any indication of it he just came over and turned it down. Perceptive fellow. I didn't outstay my welcome, especially since I didn't want to piss off any recently betrothed Siberian women, but when I left he extended the invitation to come by again some time.
Note: For those readers who know Gary...this guy reminds me a bit of him. Different, but that same engaging, welcoming and always entertaining personality.

Just a random old shack I encountered on my walk.

Earlier that day, I had driven over to the west coast to visit Falasarna, the first beach Merit and I had gone to. Unfortunately it was very windy, and the clouds moved in shortly after my arrival. I gave up after about an hour of sunbathing and stopped by the taverna on the beach on my way out for a sandwich and a beer. Just as I was driving off, I noticed that the clouds had gone altogether and left a bright, sunny beach in my wake.

I then decided to try my luck at my local beach, but soon after arriving and getting comfortable, the clouds followed me.

I've been letting Rikki and Cleo out on the front patio every now and then...they love it. Cleo gets all pissy when she has to come in now. This picture was taken just after the dog across the street had wandered over and sniffed noses with Rikki through the gate. I was amazed at Rikki's reaction...nothing. The same thing occurred with Cleo when one of the other stray cats wandered over the wall. They just kind of looked at each other, and then when the other cat saw me she hopped back over the wall and disappeared. No hisses, no big, bushy tails to show that one could kick the other's ass. Still, I don't leave them outside by themselves, because they've led a pretty sheltered life and if they were to hop over the wall or outside the gate, I can't imagine that the outcome would be good.

I've been somewhat random in my feedings of the local stray cats; not so for the local mosquito population. The rest of me looks pretty much the same.


George said...

Great pictures and narrative. Nice M-bites too!

Regan said...


I just caught up with your blog for the first time in a few weeks. Really entertaining stuff. The crashing sound is very spooky. Hope there is a very benign (and in retrospect obvious) explanation.