Monday, June 22, 2009


Took a day trip into the nearest city, Chania. It's about an hour by bus, quicker if you drive but parking and the traffic within the city are tricky at best, so I figured public transport was the better option. I was hoping to find a couple of items that I haven't been able to find locally - clumping cat litter and hand weights specifically. No luck on either of those items, but I had a nice time exploring the city and it's many winding, narrow streets. I also had a late lunch at a restaurant called Karnayio, which came highly recommended by the Rough Guide. The bourbounia (red mullet) had been suggested by a guy I met while passing by another restaurant (he somehow managed to get my phone number in exchange for the the hell did THAT happen??) and I was not disappointed. Along with some really good bread and a glass of moschofilero (a white Greek wine), it made for a really nice lunch. I also procured some new eye cream from a shop specializing in all-natural olive oil products, in the hopes that I can find something to alleviate the skin irritation I'm experiencing around my eyes. After buying it I had a chance to look at the ingredients over lunch, and it's not as all-natural as the sales woman would have had me believe. Haven't tried it yet and will remain skeptical until I do, but she also recommended placing chilled, slice potatoes on the eyes before bed. I'll try that, along with everything else that hasn't worked so far.

First order of business upon arrival at the bus station. Can't properly explore a city unless the mind is open, wallet full and bladder empty. Took this shot because it reminds me a little of the toilets in Japan. Actually, the majority of the restrooms I've experienced here have been quite clean. The bus station's restroom is not one of those (although it's not anywhere near as offensive as many I've encountered in other countries).

Greece's version of the Dollar Store. I should have zoomed in closer...the sign reads "Evro 1", which means "One Euro". So I guess technically that's a "Dollar Thirty Four" store or something like that.

Seriously? AIG??

Just one of the many narrow streets of the city.

My poor, tired eyes. This skin condition has aged me twenty years in three weeks. If it doesn't self correct soon, the money I had set aside for my trip to Turkey is going to go towards some cosmetic procedure instead!

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OMG! Did the potatos help??