Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The morning started out with some unusual but predicted rain. My landlord came over one day last week to check out the roof in anticipation of the event. This is a picture of it taken while driving back from my language lesson in Chania this morning.

But the afternoon cleared up and brought some beautiful, refreshing late summer/early autumn weather. I went for yet another walk up into the hills behind my house...hopefully I haven't repeated too many shots from previous posts here. While some of the terrain was familiar, I wandered off on some paths through some olive fields that I'm pretty sure I haven't been on yet.

I'm about 99% sure that this is my village viewed from above.

I came across this little church pretty much in the middle of nowhere. It was very quiet and peaceful, and one might imagine that no one ever came here except for the meticulous nature of the grounds.

I'm not sure about this...but the word for Friday in Greek is Παρασκευη (Paraskevi)...so I guess this is the church of St. Friday?? Never heard of him, but I LIKE him!! If I ever go back to church again, this will be it.

I wonder who lives here?? Looks about big enough for a fox.

I'll admit...this creeped me out a bit. Amidst all the natural beauty, coming across this made me think of some crazed killer in a bad teenage horror flick for some reason.

I think I may have already posted a picture of this church, but I really liked the way it looked in the late afternoon light.

Mangy, scruffy pup. He seemed to want me to pet him, but I was afraid he might bite me so I just spoke nicely to him and complimented him on what a sweet dog he was.

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dad said...

Wonderful pictures!
Keep 'em coming.