Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Joke of the Day

A Pontiac goes to a coffee machine, puts in his coin and takes his coffee. He immediately puts in another coin and takes another coffee. He continues and gets a third and fourth coffee. At some point a man who was passing and wanted to get some coffee as well asked him, "When will you stop taking coffees?" to which the Pontiac replied, "When I stop winning!"

Note: Pontiacs are Greeks who usually come from Asia Minor and southern Russia. They are known for how hard they work, and how helpful they are to each other, but they got a reputation when they began to return to Greece as being "soft in the head". So the Greeks apparently tell Pontiac jokes like we (used to) tell Polish Jokes. Fortunately Greece hasn't jumped on the PC bandwagon yet. Many of the jokes involve two characters named Kostikas and Giorikas, which I assume are typical names for ethnic Greeks who come from the above mentioned areas.


Anonymous said...

This is offensive

Kyrstyn said...

Anonymous, please change Pontiac to Blond if it will make you feel better.