Monday, September 21, 2009


I picked up a little book of supposedly "Greek" jokes at the gas station today. My guess is that they aren't strictly Greek, but I figure I'll post a few here from time to time anyway:

Why are married people fat and single people thin?
Because single people see what's in the fridge, then they go to bed.
Married people see what's in the bed, then they go to the fridge.


When God created the nations, he gave two virtues to each one. So, he made the Americans organized and law-abiding, the Germans determined and studious, and the Japanese hardworking and patient.

For the Greeks he said, "They will be intelligent, honest and they will be working for the government."

When he finished the creation of the world, the Archangel Gabriel approached him and told him, "My Lord, you gave all the nations two virtues except for the Greeks. You have them three virtues. This will make them very powerful and disrupt the balance on Earth."

"You're right, Gabriel", the Lord said. "I was not careful and now the Greeks will rule the world. I must do something about it but now I can't take back the virtues I gave them. I know! I will let them keep the three virtues, but each Greek will be able to use only two of them."

And so it happened. Greeks who are honest and work for the government are not intelligent. Greeks who are intelligent and work for the government are not honest. Greeks who are intelligent and honest do not work for the government.

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