Saturday, January 9, 2010

Walk to Polyrinia

The kennel where my cats have stayed before, Kissamos Cats, is located in Polyrinia so I've been there by car on a couple of occasions. This time I wanted to try walking it, and to check out the Cemetery of Ancient Polyrinia while I was up there. I set out at 1pm, allowing myself four hours round trip, figuring that a drive that usually took about 20 minutes should take about 2 hours to walk. Not sure exactly how I arrived at that calculation, but it turned out to be damn near spot on. Unfortunately I never found the cemetery, despite the signs pointing me in that direction. Maybe there was another sign that I missed somewhere once I turned onto the dirt path, I don't know. I do know that I was happy that the dirt path eventually led me back onto the main road I had come in on, about 1/4 mile back along my return route, so I didn't have to back-track. I was even further pleased (extremely so, actually) to see the sign just a bit further down the main road revealing a footpath back towards town, which I must have missed when I passed it on the way up. I vastly prefer loop hikes, and not only did this one provide me with more serene surroundings for the walk home, but it shaved almost an hour off of the return trip.

I'm going to have to try go back at some point, because having just consulted my guide-book to make sure I had the correct spelling of Polyrinia, it seems that I missed a whole lot of cool ancient stuff just a bit further on past the main village. As for the spelling, I've found several different versions depending on where I look, which is so typical here. I suppose the one I've used will suffice.

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