Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Gorge of Deliana...Almost

Each time I drive east on the National Road, I see a sign for the Gorge of Deliana, and have been meaning to check it out for some time now. Today provided a good opportunity, as there was no rain in the forecast and it was a generally pleasant, partly-sunny, breezy autumn day.

It took a while for me to figure out how to get there, since after the exit off the highway there isn't any clear indication on which way to turn. However, after driving around a bit I eventually saw signs for the town of Deliana and figured that would be the right direction.

Along the way I stopped to take a short walk to the church you see pictured here. It was the wooded path that drew me in - it looked so green and lush and reminded me a bit of some of the trails back in the DC/Virginia area. The recent rain brought forth the smell of damp earth and decaying leaves, which further reminded me of many walks back home. I love that smell.

Once back on the road it wasn't long before I arrived in the town of Deliana, at which point I encountered an injured animal. I won't go into details because they are pretty upsetting, but after driving on through the town and finally reaching the beginning of the path that led to the gorge, I pulled over, cried my eyes out, and decided to just go home. Had some ominous clouds not begun to gather over the mountain peaks I might have gone on...I don't know. But as happened after seeing the cat drown in Ayios Nikolaus, this episode pretty much just killed my enthusiasm for the day.

So, tomorrow is supposed to be dry again, and I think maybe I'll give the gorge another shot.

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