Saturday, March 13, 2010

I think this might do...

On a walk today, I passed a large plot of fenced-in land, upon which sat several dilapidated buildings. It's quite close to the sea, with southern views to the mountains, and about a three minute drive to Kastelli/Kissamos. I day-dreamed (why not?) about what might be done to make this into a retirement "compound" (Debbie, know what I'm talking about!!!) and thought that it might work quite well.

The main house, where I will live.

My house is in the foreground, there is another house in the background, closer to the water, which could serve as further living space for the other residents.

We'll have to do some work on the trees/greenery around the place. Debbie - that's your job since you're always waxing nostalgic about that English garden (there are enough Brits here that we can pretend that it's English).

I think Merit's horse will like it here.

And this will be turned into a wine shop/tasting room.

Extra buildings that will serve as living accommodations for those select few who will be joining us.

So...before I try to find out who this land belongs to, and whether they'd like to make an offer...who would like to front the cash?

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