Monday, February 8, 2010

Vasili The Lion of Crete

I'm sorry to say that I'm putting this book down only half way through, something I am loath to do with any book, but it's just not holding my attention.

I've read two other books about this general period in Crete's history; Ill Met by Moonlight and Anzac Escape and Evasion in Enemy Occupied Crete, and very much enjoyed both of them.

Dudley Perkins, aka Vasili the Lion of Crete, was mentioned frequently in Anzac and when I found this book on the shelf in my rental house I was looking forward to reading something dedicated specifically to his subject.

However, in addition to the numerous typographical errors found on pretty much every page, the writing itself just isn't very engaging, at least not to me.

Oh well, there are a lot of other books here to keep me entertained, so I guess I'll diverge from WWII occupied Crete and move on to some fiction by Paulo Coelho now.

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