Saturday, February 6, 2010

Burnt Thursday

One of many Greek traditions, it falls eleven days before lent and is celebrated by grilling meats outside, often charring them so that the scent can be smelled for miles around. It happens that Linda invited me over for dinner at her place on this day, and although she didn't burn any of the food, the potatoes were nice and crispy on the outside, just like I like them! She picked me up from the bus stop in Maleme and drove me to her village, stopping along the way so I could get this shot of the snow-capped mountains. In the foreground is her village of Kyparissos.

One of the views from Linda's veranda in the front of the house. Turn just a tad to the right and you've got the sea not far in the distance.

Her beautiful, tranquil courtyard garden, which is in the center of the house. This lets in so much light in addition to the many other windows, and at night the lighting is soooo soothing and pretty.

Their cat Freddy, who is the only other fat cat that I've seen in Crete besides my own!

They've got a big, beautiful back yard with a garden and a pergola and this nice barbeque.

And voila..dinner. Pork, rosemary potatoes and a fresh, tasty salad. Prior to this we had some really nice dark, soft bread, olives and myzithra cheese with garlic, oregano, paprika and...?? Seems like there was another spice in there but I'm having trouble recalling. It was very good, whatever the case!

In addition to being simply beautiful, her fireplace kicks some serious heat and I found myself very envious when I thought about my crappy little gas heater back at my place.

I don't know if pictures can convey how totally relaxing and comfortable this all was. I felt truly at home here!

And we remembered to snap a picture of the two of us before we headed back to Kissamos. I had a return bus ticket but we were having so much fun talking about so many different things, and laughing at me snorting raki up my nose accidentally that we realized the last bus had long since passed, and Linda was so cool to give me a ride home. It's not a short drive, and I can't express my appreciation enough.

She got to meet Matthieu, a french "couchsurfer" who I had agreed to host that night. We picked him up in the main square in Kissamos and then she dropped us off at my place.

My revelry continued well on into the night, culminating in climbing onto the roof with Matthieu after yet more wine and raki to look at constellations. I could see Orion and the Big Dipper, he kept trying to find Cassiopeia but never did.

Needless to say, on the Friday after Burnt Thursday, I felt like toast:-)

Coffee down on the waterfront in Kissamos the next day.

Me and my couchsurfing guest. Glad I didn't zoom in to take this, because I looked every bit as hungover as I felt.

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Linda Psillakis said...

What a wonderful way of keeping the memory of a beautiful day we spent together.. thank you!!