Sunday, May 24, 2009

Things I Won't Miss While I'm Gone

The locker-room at my gym. You'd think that a ladies locker-room would be relatively civilized, but mine is just gross. The first and last time I used the jacuzzi, there was a gray scum sticking to the sides of the tub, right at the water line. I promptly exited upon noticing this and never returned. The cleaning crew seems to think that sloshing bleach water around on the floor is adequate for cleaning, but it only mingles with the scent of...I don't know what, and consequently it smells like bleach soaked swamp ass all the time. Women who no one wants to see naked strut around wantonly, baring all (and there is often a lot to bare!). They dry their hair naked, they talk to their friends naked. Today there was someone in the toilet stall next to mine breathing very heavily and making loud grunting noises. Blech.

The annual summertime ant infestation in my apartment. Today I sprayed Raid along the floor boards where they come in (I woke this morning to one crawling across my chest and said enough is enough) and then had anxiety all morning because my stupid cat Cleo went and laid on the carpet where I had sprayed. I tried to rinse her fur with a damp paper towel, and she then of course proceeded to lick where I had wiped, which is not what I had intended. Anyway, threw some blankets down along the wall after that, and Cleo isn't vomiting or having seizures so I think it'll be OK.

The humidity of Washington, DC in the summertime.

The sound of sirens wailing up and down Wisconsin Ave. in front of my building at all hours.

Whatever that intermittent buzzing sound is that I'm hearing right now in my apartment of which I can not locate the source.

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