Saturday, January 3, 2009

On what I will do to help fill my time on Crete

I love wine. Next to travel, it's my greatest passion/past time. I've completed the intermediate and advanced certificate programs from the London based Wine & Spirit Education Trust, attend tastings as regularly as finances will allow, head up a monthly wine club group, and participate in wine forum discussions online. I'm what they call a wine geek, I guess.

So I was online checking out the various vineyards on Crete, noticing that the majority of their wine is grown/produced in the eastern part of the island, which is about three hours from where I'll be living. Then I happened upon a website for Manousakis Vineyards, which is in western Crete and much closer to where I'll be, and I was sufficiently impressed by what I read that I sent them an email asking if they might use me as an unpaid volunteer. I got a call from Alexandra Manousakis, who is the daughter of the owner, Ted Manousakis. She is actually in DC for the holidays (their family is originally from this area but moved back to Crete to start up the vineyard a few years ago) and we've got an appointment to meet next Friday evening to discuss how they might use me.

I've been reading about the Greek wine industry on this website, which I think is a great resource for producers and consumers alike who are interested in this region and the transitions in its wine industry:

I'm really looking forward to getting some hands on experience working in this vineyard/winery.

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